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Psychotherapy or talk therapy is a valuable tool that helps you learn about yourself, understand your feelings and take control of your life. With talk therapy, what once appeared overwhelming can become doable.   With doable there comes hope, and with hope all things are possible.

I understand how hard it is to ask for help.   We are bombarded daily with advertisements telling us how we should look, how to feel, think and be.  It can make us feel that we are not living up to who we are as individuals and make us think that somehow, we are not enough.  We must remember this barrage of information is driven by marketing. And we must never forget that we, as individuals, are unique beings just as we are.

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Discover your Authentic Self

As a psychotherapist, my role is to provide the understanding that despite the onslaught of social media, we can stand tall in our individual uniqueness. And by navigating through the shadows of self-doubt and emotional turmoil, we can become empowered to change any challenging situation, by changing our perception

I believe in taking a holistic approach because no one lives in vacuum. There are many everyday stresses that impact our perceptions of life, and they affect our responses and emotions to life events. One of the most important aspects of psychotherapy is the bonding between individuals and therapists. It is a two-sided coin that values, above all else, both empathy and listening in a non-judgmental way

Modality and Techniques I Use

Talk therapy or psychotherapy sessions are essential to the establishment of strategies vital to personalized achievements. 

To achieve the atmosphere of healing, empathy and self-acceptance, I use a combination of Gestalt, Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) and Neuro-linguist programing (NLP).

My primary role as a psychotherapist and life coach is to help you better understand and manage your thoughts and emotions, enabling you to become the Authentic person that you want to be.

My Specialties

Treatment Approaches

❝ Stop being a critic and be a light; don't be a judge, be a model.  I think we are far too critical.  I think the best way to correct behavior is to accentuate and affirm positive behavior and to ignore negative behavior.

Generally speaking, there is a time to correct, of course.

But my biggest advice would be, 'Affirm your child.' ❞

Sean Covey

I am Only a Phone Call Away.  Let's Talk!

If you are suffering emotionally and need help overcoming the challenges in your life, I encourage you to schedule a convenient time to speak with me.

It takes courage to change your life, and every Journey starts with the first step. I look forward to talking with you soon!

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❝ The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. ❞

Mark Twain